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Honoring the Past, Building the Future      Give Here

Every summer at YMCA Camp Eberhart, campers create a lifetime of memories unique to the individual but closely tied to the generation of campers that came before them. We’re proud of our 110 years of rich history and strong traditions based on our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. As we look to the future, let’s build on that foundation and provide generations of future campers with the same life-changing YMCA Camp Eberhart experience.

Through the Honoring the Past, Building the Future Campaign, YMCA Camp Eberhart will be poised to continue inspiring and transforming campers for generations to come. We will grow our camper capacity, increase the quality of their camp experience, and strengthen the character-building opportunities each child experiences at camp.

Projects on the horizon:
  • Klinger Dining Hall Expansion
  • Renovation of the Hill Cabins and Bathrooms
  • Camp Eberhart Endowment

Support Dave's House Capital Campaign

Whether eagerly awaiting developed photos, rocking out on stage, or gazing up at a night sky full of possibilities, Dave’s House has provided the space for many of our most loved programs and activities throughout the years.

Built in 1932, Dave’s House was constructed in memory of camper David Warner Jr. who tragically passed away at camp during the summer of 1931. His legacy lives on 91 years later through this building and the thousands of campers who have passed through it, creating lifelong memories along the way.

As we look to the future and continue to focus on preserving the history of YMCA Camp Eberhart, Dave’s House is our priority.

Our master facilities maintenance plan has identified the need for a complete renovation of this building. The project includes new windows and doors, repair of damaged walls and foundation, roof replacement, fireplace repairs, and more. Additionally, the eroding Corey Lake shoreline along Dave’s House needs to be stabilized. Due to code changes over the years, we would not be able to rebuild on the existing footprint, so it is vital that we act now to preserve this place that is special to so many.

Today, we ask you to also be a part of the future of Dave’s House by considering a donation to the funds needed to complete these renovations. The total project cost is $566,000.

This investment will provide the long list of renovations, ADA accessibility, health and safety code compliance, environmental protection to the Corey Lake shoreline, and operational efficiency through continued programs in Dave’s House.

With your support, Dave’s House will continue to be the stage where beloved lip-sync bands get their start, the spot where a future NASA employee sees the stars up close for the first time, and a place where lifelong friendships are made on rainy days.

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Recently Completed Projects

Obenchain Staff Apartments

The backside of Obenchain Lodge has been extensively renovated to add much-needed staff housing.

Heron's Nest Bathhouse

The Heron's Nest Bathhouse offers a brand new facility mirroring the Powder Room Bathhouse, providing new showers and accommodations for campers.

Island Fire Circle

Thanks to a generous donation from the Blazek Family, the Island Fire Circle received new benches.

Stone Cabins

The Stone Cabins received new window shutters and new doors.

Powder Room Bathhouse

The Powder Room Bathhouse on Low Road was replaced with a new facility, providing new showers and accommodations for campers.  


Day Camp Pavilion treehouse

Our pavilion was constructed to provide a dedicated space for Day Camp. Our Day Campers will be so excited to use it this summer. Thank you to John and Kathy Postle for their generous donation to make this project happen.



Obenchain Lodge/Postle Hall obenchain

Obenchain Lodge/Postle Hall is not only the home to our music and drama programs but also provides indoor programming space for our day camp program during inclement weather. Our resident camp program utilizes this space for evening programs, special events, and weekend programming. School and weekend groups utilize this space for meetings, team-building activities, and group gatherings.



Greenleaf Treehouse Village treehouse

The Greenleaf Tree House Village is the home for our leadership programs: Leadership Core and Staff-in-Training. This space was designed to provide these campers with a unique camping experience that connects them with each other and with nature. Located directly off the lake and slightly removed from the main camp, Leadership campers are able to gain further independence and develop stronger bonds with their peers that will be significant as they transition from camper to counselor.